IT administrators struggle to manage where users share and store files

IT administrators have standardized on how and where they want users to work with their files. However, their users cannot control their customers, suppliers, partners, and vendors. As a result, there are multiple locations where corporate files exist.

Did you know?
30% of the files being uploaded to the cloud are being uploaded to consumer file storage and 18% of those files contain sensitive data.
Users are wasting time looking for files across storage silos
  • Employees spend as much as 25% of their time looking for files across these various data silos.
  • Employees are asking:
  • Is this the latest version of a file?
  • Did I send that file out through email or a cloud storage product?
  • Where is that file that my customer sent to me?
  • Did my colleague look at the file I sent him?
What if you could…

Say “Yes” to users, partners and customers to choose their own cloud storage solutions

Regain control of information security while giving users what they want

Audit the process to assure proper compliance

Provide users with a consolidated, virtual view of their files no matter where they are stored

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